Metatopia 2014 Report – Part 1

Beginnings are always a challenge, and I'd been thinking a lot on what would be an appropriate way to start off this blog.  I've been into tabletop role-playing games since the mid-80s, and while it's been some number of years since my gaming heyday, I like to think that even without regular games to attend that I've been doing a decent job of keeping up with developments in the hobby.  More recently, though (say, in the past few years), the explosion of small-press games and narrative-focused systems have thoroughly reinvigorated my interest, and my somewhat reluctant attempts to get involved in more social media have connected me with game designers, industry professionals, and other fans in a way that I have found to be extremely cool.  The culmination of all these changes came to a head last week in my attendance of this year's Metatopia, a gaming convention geared toward designers and the projects that they are currently developing.  What I want to do for this report (and hopefully more reports to come!) is go over some highlights of the games I played and other experiences I enjoyed.

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