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A bit more about Paranoia

Yesterday I mentioned the Paranoia reboot, which is crowdfunding on Kickstarter until December 3, 2014.  If you're interested in learning more about the new incarnation of the game, there's an interview on with the three designers working on the reboot: James Wallis, Grant Howitt, and Paul Dean.  There's a bit of background on the designers and their interest in Paranoia, but there's also more now about the new system, which as far as I knew was to be more streamlined and involve cards.  That's...pretty much what they say in the interview, too, but with a little more detail.  (In a nutshell: yes, there are cards; no, there are not only cards.)

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Crowdfunding Opportunities

We've spent a few days looking in at part of the RPG design process.  After the design is done, though, comes the production.  I'm a big fan of the rise of crowdfunding as a way to launch endeavors, and no projects excite me more, of course, than RPGs.  There's just something real and satisfying to me about this purest expression of "voting with your dollars."  Not only can I show my support for the projects and creators that I enjoy, but I get to be part of the shared experience of fanhood.  When I am a consumer, I like to be an enthusiastic one when I can.  These are meaningful purchases to me -- not just another doodad, but something I'm genuinely excited about.  And not only that, but I get to be a part of the realization of someone else's goal, a part of someone's success.  The financial support is important, but as far as that goes, it pretty much amounts to putting in a pre-order.  The crowdfunding process, though, the experience of it, also adds a social aspect to the transaction, an aspect of community.  Plus it also feels good to be the first on your block with the new hotness.  Maybe you even get your name in a book.  Below are a few RPGs that are currently funding, as of this posting, roughly in order of amount of time left before the funding campaign closes.

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