Metatopia 2018 Report – Part 10: Dimensions

Per usual with all Metatopia recaps, everything presented here is based on playtest material and not final published versions.

Day 3, continued

Dimensions by Todd Crapper

Presented by Todd Crapper

Dimensions playtesters
Around the table: Todd, Michael, Sean, Ben, and Rob
Todd Crapper counting out points on his fingers
Todd explains what's up

This, my final session of the convention, was what they term a "focus group," which means it's not even an alpha test yet, it's an idea to toss around and discuss. I think it was originally supposed to be an alpha test, but the designer switched to focus group after his first test, which informed him that he wasn't satisfied with the design he was testing.

What followed was a really interesting time just tossing ideas around and discussing them. It was pretty great! The core idea of the game is a party of dimension-hoppers that travel around fixing broken worlds.

I honestly don't have a lot to report about this one. There wasn't a test session, we didn't poke around with any mechanics, and because it wasn't my meeting, I didn't take any notes, haha. But I'm still interested in what ends up happening with this game, just since I had the opportunity to take part in that discussion, and I've met Todd a time or two before and am always interested to see what he's up to. You can check out his work for yourself over at Broken Ruler Games.


As always, I had a wonderful time at Metatopia this year. Thanks as always go out to the Double Exposure crew for all the hard work in arranging the event and holding it together. I've often heard the con described as "game designer summer camp," and I can't think of a better way to describe the experience. I get to see so many old friends, meet new ones, hang out, and play games. It's always been a great experience for me, and I can't wait for the next one!

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